Using our RAVEN strategy (Required Automatic & Variable Enhancement Nodes) is the lifeblood of our automation at Zysys.  We design software that checks for enhancements and optimizations to code, infrastructure, security, and ease of use.  We use a large amount of “nodes” that each contribute to the greater optimization of the network.  Some of these nodes involve image optimization, file offloading, process balancing, file backups, infrastructure management, and automated control of sites.

Through the RAVEN strategy, we develop new nodes, some transparent, some opaque, that can be added to the infrastructure to automate and make things easier.  The added benefits of RAVEN aside from infrastructure stability, is site optimization.  To take advantage of the strategy, we’ve made an easy to use WordPress plugin for our clients.  By using this plugin, you gain instant access to optimizations.  We’ve seen site load times go from 11 to 2 seconds by just moving to the infrastructure and then 2 to 1 second by just turning on the plugin.  Beyond that, page load time stabilized on heavy and light weight pages.

If you don’t use WordPress, that’s not a problem.  We can manually hook you into the parts of the infrastructure that will be beneficial.

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