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NOTE: This is not necessary for Zysys Hosting Customers.

Don’t want to move to Zysys Hosting?  Zyscripts is a software service provided by Zysys which allows for the following:

1) Javascript Asynchronous and Synchronous

2) Stability-increasing, compilation (through Google’s Closure Compiler) of delivered javascript so your code is as fast as possible while still being editable in its original format.

3) Load Balancing and Parallelized Downloads – By moving your script delivery to Zyscripts, your content is delivered to your viewers faster as they are downloaded from your domain and in parallel (when they are just from your domain, they are done one after another).

4) CSS Optimization (similar to the Javascript Optimization) which allows for faster style-sheet application

5) Very fast delivery of content through the Zysys Hosting Platform

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