Zysys Hosting – About the Core Technologies

Delivery and Stability:
nginx, apache, APC, ngx_pagespeed, mod_pagespeed, memcached, automated uptime management

By using a front-facing stack of nginx, varnish, apache, and mod_pagespeed, we are able to increase stability and speed.  Apache with mod_pagespeed (and APC – a php caching mechanism), the main powerhouse of the server allows for the internet standard of webpage delivery to run with increased capabilities and optimizations (from mod_pagespeed).

nginx allows for the scalability of your site to extreme lengths, static files are incredibly fast without having to get apache involved.

Memcached allows for distributed caching in addition to APC and Varnish.

Security Technologies: Automated database backups (kept for 45 days), automated updates / optimizations, daily anti-virus scans, and weekly emergency file offsite file backups (done on Sundays).

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